Microsoft Office 2013 Permanent Activator


Hey Friends Do you have Microsoft Office 2013? :D Yeah its a great office kit i just love it, It come with a lot of new amazing features. Ummm, you need to activate it to enjoy full features and the cost is also very high. Lol so what? i still use it for free full activated and no worries i will also teach you how to activate it for free. but first of all we should look over its new features and its price list.

New Amazing Features of Microsoft Office 2013 :

- There is a Flatter look of the Ribbon interface and subtle animations when typing or selecting (Word and Excel)
- Remodeled start screen.
- There are new graphical options in Word.
- There is a new visualization for scheduled tasks in Microsoft Outlook.
- Some, Objects such as images can be freely moved, they snap to boundaries such as paragraph edges, document margin and or column boundaries.
- It have Online picture support with content from, and Flickr.
- It comes with a great ability to return to the last viewed or edited location in Word and PowerPoint
- There are New slide designs, animations and transitions in PowerPoint 2013
- It Support for and in Outlook
- And also Support for integration with Skype, Yammer and SkyDrive
- there is IMAP special folders support
- Microsoft Excel 2013 also supports new limit models.

Now Lets Check out the Price-List :

Now, Don't you think prices are too high and most of people like me are not interested in buying it and wasting money uselessly. So now i am going to show the  steps to activate and crack it to full version for free. It's totally easy and money/time saving tweak. Lets get started;

Steps to activate Microsoft Office 2013 Free : 

1. Download the Activator from this LINK ;) 

2. Now, Open KMSAutoEasy EN.exe and wait for a second.

3. Now Enter 'I' and press enter, Wait for couple of Mins to get KMS-Service installed.

Also Check - How to get Microsoft Office 2013 full Version for Free

4. Now Last step is to Enter there '2' and again wait for sometime and its done now. 

Enjoy your full version Microsoft Office and keep visiting Powertricks for newly amazing tricks to buff your PC with Awesomeness.


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